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Artic has more than 10 dispatched jobs at factories in Shizuoka prefecture.
Nationality does not matter
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Free daial
(Supported languages : Portuguese、Chinese、Thai)
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Company Profile

company name

ARTHIC Corporation

Street address

352-1 Sunayamacho, Naka-ku, cidade de Hamamatsu, prefeitura de Shizuoka  keizubiru 3F

phone number



June 14, 2018


20 million yen

Representative Representative director Takahide Ohsuka
Business content

Staffing industry
Recruitment service
Overseas business matching

Management philosophy We value ethics, and we will be partners in creating the dream future of people and companies together.

ARTHIC is a company that provides support for making dreams come true.
We want to keep in mind the work of making people smile by keeping in mind the artwork that each person is polite and complete.
The whole team sees the solution of the fundamental problem as a mission, and not only looks beautiful but also eliminates stereotypes from the creator's point of view,
We will continue to create new content by understanding the client's context and approaching it from various angles.

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